You have to give the Democrats credit–THIS is how they won. Young people, and ACORN, and any number of lefties actually going out there with missionary zeal and telling people about how The One has a wonderful plan for their lives. The Right couldn’t match that: due to a flawed primary system, we ended up with a candidate very few of us could get worked up about. Republicans were excited about Giuliani and Thompson, but they both ran the saddest and most pathetic of campaigns. I gave every dime I could, and I held my nose and voted for John McCain Sarah Palin, but only because I KNEW what 4 years of Socialist rule would do to this country. The Republicans didn’t bother to try to warn the people, and the left did the above–send shiny, happy, positive, well-scrubbed youth out to spread the good news.

Is it all a bunch of Alinskyite hogwash? Sure. Are many of The One’s youthful supporters going to put down the bong and go and ring doorbells every weekend over something as dull as a trillion-dollar budget? Probably not. But some will, and as the video points out, it’s not so much to get support for the budget as it is to populate that database with people who can be counted on to support Mr. Obama. It’s a creepy cult of personality, and it has a specific goal–get Obama re-elected in 2012. I have to hand it to the Community Organizer–he’s probably the most successful community organizer the world has ever known.

These are the people who will be doing the census next year–leftists who love to populate their databases. Should be a fun year. What could possibly go wrong?

Please, please, please let one of these naifs come visit the Gulch. I’d love to plumb the depths of their knowledge about the Obama Plan. I suspect it won’t take long.

Wow, that’s a lot of logo in that video. Take a drink each time you see the O. See you at the Betty Ford Center.


3000 Points

March 6, 2009

Ponder that number for a while.

Pretend you’re a member of the mainstream media. A Republican has been elected President. Between the election and SIX WEEKS after the inauguration, the Dow collapses from 9625 to below 6600. The retirement funds of millions of voters lose hundreds of billions in value.

Think there’d be hysterical stories playing constantly about the President? Think the loyal opposition would be screaming their heads off? Think the new GOP President would have an approval rating of about 1%? I do.

Funny how that’s not happening now. Mr. Obama’s approval rating sits at 60% after he passed the largest spending bill in history. Magazines and newspapers still celebrate the majesty of Mr. Obama and the First Lady. Mr. Obama feels so confident in his abilities that he’s working to nationalize health care.

Sometimes I think I’m living a nightmare. When I hear the words “President Obama” I still have a feeling of unreality about it. 52% of the people voted for a Socialist, the most liberal member of the Senate (Mr. Obama had a higher liberal rating than even avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders), during a recession. That man is now following his Alinskyite training to talk down the market and worsen the crisis to prepare the people for change. He has said he intends to bankrupt the coal industry. He has created a deficit that future generations will curse us for. His own Treasury Secretary is on the warpath against one of the few profitable businesses left. And a new spending bill and crippling taxes and fees on the productive are coming.

And that’s just his economic policies. We haven’t even gotten to the muzzling of free speech, the assault on the 2nd Amendment, the weakness and contempt on defense, and the stripping away of protections for the unborn and those whose consciences are repelled by abortion.

No Reagan without a Carter.

No Giuliani/Cantor without an Obama, I suppose. I just hope there’s a shell of a Republic left when the grownups take back the reins in 2013.

Gonna be a long four years. Prepare yourself–save cash, put aside supplies, be healthy.

And to the wealthy, the people who make this economy work: If I may paraphrase Francisco D’Anconia–


Don’t let them loot from you. Get out–find somewhere free, while you may. We in America will be here to be the engine of the world once we wake up and throw off our enchantment with Socialism.

I was at Macy’s today, looking for a new sofa.

I had to wait 10 minutes to find an empty parking spot at the mall.

I remember my mom’s stories about growing up at the end of the Great Depression, how hard it was to find a parking spot for your car at the mall for secondary national holidays.

No, wait, instead she talked about how it was a special treat to take the mule into town maybe once a month to buy a bottle of 7-Up.

I’m not saying times aren’t tough, and that you shouldn’t prepare, but keep it in perspective–93% of the people in this country are employed. 95% of homeowners are making their payments.

The current President and Hillary Clinton are both students of leftist thinker Saul Alinsky. One of his “Rules for Radicals” was that community organizing types should make any situation out to be as bad as possible so that people are ready for socialist change:

They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution. To bring on this reformation requires that the organizer work inside the system, among not only the middle class but the 40 per cent of American families – more than seventy million people – whose income range from $5,000 to $10,000 a year [in 1971].

Don’t put too much faith in the fear-mongering of the Panicker-In-Chief. He’s doing it for a reason.

Have not yet found a couch. 🙂