Wild and crazy ideas

November 14, 2010

So, this week, President Obama’s Debt Commission came up with some brave ways to lower the deficit. One of them was to raise the retirement age by one year–40 years from now. Soon-to-be-ex-Speaker Pelosi’s rage was as immediate as it was predictable.

Who are they kidding? There’s not going to be Social Security in 40 years. This year they are already paying out more than they took in. That’s BEFORE the bulk of the baby boomers start to retire. If Social Security and Medicare still exist in 15 years, I’ll be very surprised. The two government programs are the greatest Ponzi schemes the world has ever known. We put Madoff in prison for far less, yet we hail these two bloated monsters. I’m not yet 40–I’ve been paying into those programs for 24 years, and will never see a dime of it. Leftist scare-mongers like to say, “Those evil right-wingers want you to gamble your retirement on the stock exchange.” Damn right. For me, if I’d put that money in stocks, I’d be ahead. If I put it in a mattress, I’d be ahead. If I put it in scratch-off lottery tickets, I’d be ahead. Only by surrendering it all to the government am I absolutely guaranteed to get nothing back. Funny, it’s almost like the government does everything it is not mandated by the Constitution to do, badly. Those crazy Founders!

The other idea was to lock in spending–at 2010 levels. Wow. That’s the best they could come up with–the bloated budget that came after President Bush’s disastrous last year and President’s Obama’s disastrous first two?

Of course, even these anemic responses to the looming debt catastrophe won’t be put into place–soon-to-be-ex-Speaker Pelosi’s screaming fantodsĀ at the concept of raising the retirement age long after her own death is indicative of that. Makes you wonder what the response will be when some brave sucker decides to tell the American people the truth about what actually needs to be done to set the American economy aright.