I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Caller Overlords

April 4, 2009

There’s an election coming up here in St. Louis next Tuesday.

Here’s the ballot. Notice anything missing?

Our choices for mayor are the incumbent, Democrat Francis Slay; a Green; a Libertarian; and an “Independent” (in actuality a bitter Democrat who had epic fail against Slay previously).

That’s right, boys and girls–the Republican party didn’t even bother to try to come up with a candidate.

If 100 people show up to the polls next Tuesday, Slay would get at least 80 votes. Still, you wouldn’t know it’s a foregone conclusion by the way the man campaigns. Every day, I have at least three mass mailings sent to me. I can count on campaign literature on my door at least every other day. There are campaign signs on thousands of lawns. It’s all very cruel to the environment, but at least every piece of glossy paper has the union label on it.

Then there’s the robo-calls. I get about four of those a day. Mayor Slay is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign he can’t possibly lose. On the one hand, you have to admire the way Democrats campaign. On the other hand, it’s wasteful in a city that’s suffering the way this one is.

For what it’s worth, Slay has been the best mayor this city’s seen in decades, which is a sad commentary. However, I don’t vote for Democrats as a matter of principle. I’m paying their taxes and I’ll be paying off their 12 trillion dollar debt for decades, and that’s enough. Plus, one-party rule is wrong anywhere it occurs. St. Louis has had unbroken Democrat rule since 1949. The Democrats have had complete freedom to push through their agenda without any interference for six decades. This, incidentally, is why St. Louis is currently such a vibrant and prosperous low-crime city with fantastic race relations. The Republican party is ball-less and stupid for not even attempting to run a candidate, so one has to make do with the Libertarian.

Anyone who runs against the Democrat is going to lose. It doesn’t matter. You still fight. The reason the Democrats are ascendant in this country (or at least were until Mr. Obama began his incredible overreach) is that they fight every election, from dogcatcher on up. Okay, you won’t immediately get a Republican mayor. Start with a small aldermanic race or two. Build on small victories. I love this city, and the fact that conservatives have given it up to the predations of the Democrats without a fight dismays me.

This is how a third party will start (FWIW, I sympathize strongly with the Libertarians, but they’re too doctrinaire and inflexible to ever actually achieve their goals)–there WILL be people willing to take the debate to the Democrats, if the Republicans continue to abdicate. This change may coalesce around the tea party protest movement.

Somebody once said, we are the change we’ve been waiting for. 🙂 It’s still your duty to vote next Tuesday, so be sure to get to the polls.


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