Friday Night Miscellaneous

April 4, 2009

I’m exhausted with politics. Absolutely sick of it…for tonight. I’m sitting here, with a bottle of gin, watching “Miracle,” a Disney film from a few years back about the 1980 Miracle on Ice in the Lake Placid Olympic Games. A buch of talented, hard-working college kids defeated the Soviet Union to win gold. I was just a kid then, and my family wasn’t into hockey, but we watched that, and I remember everyone screaming to wake the dead in those last few minutes. Again, I wasn’t sentient enough to be aware of how bad the 70s had been, but I knew that victory was more than just a hockey game.

I’ve found, in these long months of work-outs, that a little motivational speech helps a lot. I’m partial to the first 10 minutes of Full Metal Jacket, where R. Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann mercilessly breaks down the recruits. I don’t know why I find that motivating, but I do. However, I try to run a PG-13 site, so you’ll have to go to YouTube yourself to get it.

There’s three great motivational scenes in Miracle. Also, Kurt Russell is an astonishingly underrated actor.

First, Coach Brooks responds to a lackluster tie between his team and the Norwegian national team. This clip is 8 and a half minutes long, but watch the whole thing:

Then, in the Olympics, the team is down while playing Sweden, and Coach Brooks comes in to “motivate” an injured player (bad video quality, but good sound):

Finally, there’s the speech Coach Brooks gives just before the game with the Soviet Union:

From fiction to nonfiction, here’s actual footage of the Miracle itself.

It is your duty to go out and rent “Miracle” if you’ve never seen it.

Edited to add: Ever since I read “Atlas Shrugged,” I’ve been trying to think how I’d cast the film. So far all I’d come up with is that Robert Downey Jr. would be great as Francisco D’Anconia. I think I’ve got another one–Kurt Russell would be an awesome Hank Rearden.

Edited further to add: Okay, this may be crazy talk, but Nathan Fillion as John Galt? It could work…

Kelsey Grammer as “Midas” Mulligan?


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