In Which The Late William F. Buckley, Jr., Was Way Cooler Than President Obama

March 28, 2009

TOTUS held an Internet town hall meeting this week. In it, he jokingly noted how many people had asked about the legalization and taxation of marijuana as a way to help the economy. You can see why they would: Attorney General Holder had noted that the Justice Department was going to stop raiding medical marijuana clinics in California. I myself had noted to liberal friends that my opinion of Mr. Obama would go up, slightly, if he were to legalize marijuana, which is less harmful than alcohol and whose Prohibition has caused problems similar to our misguided attempts to go dry.

Mr. Obama, who noted in one of his two autobiographies, Dreams from My Father, that he used to smoke weed and snort cocaine, said no can do.

Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though

I wonder if he could articulate why he holds that position. For what it’s worth, the late, much missed conservative philosopher William F. Buckley, Jr., wrote eloquently against prohibition and for legalization (he also admitted that he’d smoked dope in the past).

For what it’s worth, I find the “medical marijuana” argument to be a pointless red herring–sure, it has medicinal properties, but people want to get high. That’s fine, as long as, similar to the enjoyment of alcohol, one’s indulgence does no harm to another. Also, under no circumstances should one start to find Jay and Silent Bob funny:

The first President to decriminalize pot will be a Republican. Bet on it. It’s a freedom issue for me, and I also think taxation of marijuana is fair, and would be a good source of revenue, although of course it won’t come close to paying off the trillions in debt that future Americans will be saddled with.

Still, it’s been a tough week for liberals–first he harshes their mellow on the weed, then he announced he’ll continue the war contingency operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He’s just disappointing all sorts of people lately.


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