“This is how they won, you know. Superior numbers.”–Captain Mal Reynolds

March 24, 2009

You have to give the Democrats credit–THIS is how they won. Young people, and ACORN, and any number of lefties actually going out there with missionary zeal and telling people about how The One has a wonderful plan for their lives. The Right couldn’t match that: due to a flawed primary system, we ended up with a candidate very few of us could get worked up about. Republicans were excited about Giuliani and Thompson, but they both ran the saddest and most pathetic of campaigns. I gave every dime I could, and I held my nose and voted for John McCain Sarah Palin, but only because I KNEW what 4 years of Socialist rule would do to this country. The Republicans didn’t bother to try to warn the people, and the left did the above–send shiny, happy, positive, well-scrubbed youth out to spread the good news.

Is it all a bunch of Alinskyite hogwash? Sure. Are many of The One’s youthful supporters going to put down the bong and go and ring doorbells every weekend over something as dull as a trillion-dollar budget? Probably not. But some will, and as the video points out, it’s not so much to get support for the budget as it is to populate that database with people who can be counted on to support Mr. Obama. It’s a creepy cult of personality, and it has a specific goal–get Obama re-elected in 2012. I have to hand it to the Community Organizer–he’s probably the most successful community organizer the world has ever known.

These are the people who will be doing the census next year–leftists who love to populate their databases. Should be a fun year. What could possibly go wrong?

Please, please, please let one of these naifs come visit the Gulch. I’d love to plumb the depths of their knowledge about the Obama Plan. I suspect it won’t take long.

Wow, that’s a lot of logo in that video. Take a drink each time you see the O. See you at the Betty Ford Center.


2 Responses to ““This is how they won, you know. Superior numbers.”–Captain Mal Reynolds”

  1. Cliff said

    It should be noted that The huge democratic majority in Washington is nowhere near socialism. You can “plumb the depths of the Obama plan” all you want. All you will find is good policy developed by smart experienced people.

    The reason Obama won has nothing to do with ACORN. You watch too much Fox.

    The reason Obama won is because the republican party has gone so far off the deep end that the only ones left with the balls to run for office under the Shit Stain Republican party are assholes.

    Who supports an asshole?

    You can blame everyone in site but when you finally decide to look in the mirror, you will find the real reason your party is finished.


  2. John Galt said

    Cliff, I’m keeping your post up, which I would normally delete for profanity, because it’s such a shining example of leftist thinking.

    Our experienced President, who cannot string an answer to a question together without double-barreled teleprompters, is a shining example of smart experience. He was in the Senate a whole 142 days before he decided to run for President. Our tax-dodging Treasury Secretary, who wants more power than anyone in that role has ever held, power you would consider tyrannical were it not wielded by your own party, is a fine example of experience.

    I suppose nationalized health care, guarantees of education k-college, creation of massive “volunteer” organizations, the running up of a deficit larger than that in the combined history of the United States, and a myriad of other policies have nothing to do with Socialism. Nothing at all.

    You are welcome to post here, Cliff, but consider yourself warned–if you find yourself incapable of debating without resorting to profanity, I WILL delete you.

    By the way, the young fresh fellow giving the indoctrination lessons above isn’t from ACORN. He’s from good old mybarackobama.com.

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