Mr. Obama To Give Commencement Address At The University Of Notre Dame

March 24, 2009

Sign the petition against Mr. Obama giving the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame

I graduated from Notre Dame. In order to attend, I had to go $20,000 in debt with student loans. I had scholarships that were contingent upon me making As in all of my classes. I had to hand write thank-you notes to my benefactors every semester. I spent 10 years paying off my debt. I worked two jobs during the summer, and one job every day after class. I did all that because, despite being poor, I wanted a world-class Catholic education.

While I was there, Billy Joel was still banned from having concerts on campus because one of his songs has the line “You Catholic girls start much too late.”

Now, less than 20 years later, Notre Dame has invited a man who has voted for unlimited abortion on demand and infanticide, a man who by executive order just gave federal funding for the harvesting of human embryos for parts, and a man who has said he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act if it is placed on his desk to speak to the class of 2009.

This is obscene. I knew, from receiving the alumni magazine, that the liberal rot was going deep (after all, scant years ago they invited Islamic terror apologist Tariq Ramadan to be a professor), but I never thought Notre Dame would sell its soul for so small a price. I feel sick that I sacrificed so much to attend a school that has so lost its way.

I hope the price was enough for them, for they are NEVER receiving another dime from me. If they are willing to invite the most pro-abortion President in American history to send off the class of 2009, they have betrayed the mission for which Father Sorin set up Our Lady’s University. Father Malloy and Father Hesburgh would never have done such a thing.

On a somewhat lighter note, the TOTUS gives us his perspective on Mr. Obama’s invite.


2 Responses to “Mr. Obama To Give Commencement Address At The University Of Notre Dame”

  1. Terry M said

    You remind me of a famous priest who had a very influential radio program in the 1930’s. His name was Father Coughlin. Look it up. Then take a few moments to consider the impact of his message. I’ll pray for you.

  2. John Galt said

    Father Coughlin was an anti-semitic democrat. Before moving on to being a fan of Hitler and Mussolini, he was a big fan of FDR, even going so far as to say that The New Deal is Christ’s Deal.

    This post was about my personal unhappiness at a Catholic University inviting a pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-harvesting of parts from human embryos President to give a commencement address. Please post items that you find of mine to be Coughlin-esque (you may have to go back a page or two to find my support of Israel and the IDF, but keep looking).

    The fact that you are perfectly free to post here, even after slurring me with an ad hominem attack, disproves your argument from the beginning. Dissent stopped being patriotic on January 20, didn’t it? Thank you for your prayers.

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