In Which The Environmentalists Want Us To Freeze To Death In The Dark

March 22, 2009

Feinstein: Don’t Spoil Our Deserts With Solar Panels

I love it when lefties come out against green energy, maybe because I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Smells like…Democrats.

Senator Feinstein doesn’t want solar panels in the California desert because some tortoises may be inconvenienced.

Puts me in the mind of a film I recently saw. My dad loves Omnimax films; he has ever since I took him to see ‘Everest’. So, I took him to see “Colorado: River At Risk,” even though I knew in my heart it was going to be manmade global warming propaganda.

All I can say is, bring your headphones and listen to music while you watch the film, which is beautiful if you ignore the propaganda. Film is narrated by Robert Redford, but he actually speaks very little. Most of it is about anthropologist Wade Davis (author of “Serpent and the Rainbow,” which became a pretty cool horror flick in the 80s) and his hot, privileged daughter whitewater rafting down the Colorado with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (!) and his hot, privileged daughter. (When Bobby Kennedy Jr. got into the raft, I turned to dad and said “Hey, look, another Kennedy who’s good in the water!” My elderly dad, another evil right-winger, LOLled.)

Anyway, much railing against the Glen Canyon and Hoover Dams and the wicked ways of Las Vegas ensued. At the end of the film, the hot, privileged daughters told us how to save the earth through low-flow toilets, expensive irrigation methods, planting cactus in our front yards, and proper car-washing techniques.

Here’s the thing, though. Bobby Kennedy Jr. railed against putting a wind farm out in the Atlantic Ocean because it would destroy the view from his family’s multi-million dollar compound.

So let’s work our way through various energy methods and see which ones the watemelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) approve of:

  • Foreign oil? Nope
  • Domestic oil? Oh, hell to the no
  • Natural gas? No
  • Coal? Please
  • Nuclear? Argggh, scary atoms!
  • Wind? Turbines ruin the Kennedys’ view and kill birds, so no
  • Solar? Inconveniences tortoises in the desert, so no
  • Hydropower? No, dams are evil
  • Wood-burning? You know that kills trees, poor innocent trees, right?

And so we get to the point. Liberals don’t care about saving the earth. Just as they long to enforce a climate stasis on the earth that the planet has NEVER known, so too are they opposed to ANY form of energy use…by the United States. If they truly cared about the environment, they’d put pressure on the greatest polluters in the world–China, India, and Russia–rather than constantly tying the hands of Americans. Literally NO form of energy is agreeable to them. We can’t put solar panels where the sun shines most, and we can’t put wind turbines where the wind blows most. They’d be happier if we froze to death in the dark–would solve over-population and keep the view nice for privileged liberals.

Another point: California is going down the tubes financially while it sits on at least $50 BILLION of oil that it refuses to drill. My give-a-damn is broken for California until it chooses to solve its own problems. If you’re broke while the second most valuable commodity in the world after gold literally wells up through the ground in Los Angeles, that’s your problem.


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