In Which Mr. Obama Compels Me To Initiate Force Against The Innocent

March 12, 2009

A couple of days ago, Mr. Obama, by executive order, dramatically increased government funding for embryonic stem cell research. What that means is that your and my tax dollars are now going to be used to open up new “lines” of embryos to be created, grown, destroyed, and then harvested for cells for others.

Before this executive order there had not been a ban on embryonic stem cell research. Private concerns could do as much as they’d like. President Bush provided federal funding for embryonic stem cell research on a few lines of embryos already created and destroyed. And, indeed, there had already been federal funding for forms of stem cell research with no ethical issues attached to them and with proven results–adult stem cells, cord blood stem cells, etc.

Part of my philosophy as an Objectivist is to never initiate force against another. I’m not a pacifist, not by a long shot, but I will never willingly be the aggressor. By this executive order, Mr. Obama is forcing me at the government’s gunpoint to become the aggressor against the most defenseless of human life, to pony up money for these lives to be used for spare parts.

He’s doing it for three reasons:

1. Government subsidizes failure. Just as the wasteful, polluting ethanol industry would go broke if it had to actually compete in the marketplace rather than be propped up with subsidies and mandates, so too with embryonic stem cell research. If it were the miracle cure so many say, businesses would be pumping billions into it. I’d still find it immoral, but I wouldn’t be compelled by force to participate in it. Embryonic stem cell research couldn’t get enough private donors, so now it is being subsidized and mandated by the government.

2. Mr. Obama has an abiding contempt for the most defenseless among us. He has swung far past the “pro-choice” area that many people of good will reside in to supporting the most ghoulish and extreme procedures, including partial-birth abortion. He voted against the Infants Born Alive Protection Act, which stated that if a baby survived an abortion, it should receive medical care. Mr. Obama voted that such babies be denied treatment and left to die. Soon enough, he will pass the Freedom of Choice Act, which again would compel people to take part in the initiation of force against the innocent. When that happens, Catholic and other religious hospitals will either resort to civil disobedience or shut down. Whatever path they choose, I will support them with my whole being.

3. Progressives always start with idealism and move toward eugenics. Woodrow Wilson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Bertrand Russell, Margaret Sanger, George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells–all great progressives, all in favor of using “science” to advance the human race through eugenics. Given the history of the previous century, pardon me if I don’t jump for joy when we, by executive order, remove inalienable constitutional protections from some human life in order to harvest them for parts.

It’s all quite depressing, and sickening, and disheartening. Change! we can believe in, indeed.


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