3000 Points

March 6, 2009

Ponder that number for a while.

Pretend you’re a member of the mainstream media. A Republican has been elected President. Between the election and SIX WEEKS after the inauguration, the Dow collapses from 9625 to below 6600. The retirement funds of millions of voters lose hundreds of billions in value.

Think there’d be hysterical stories playing constantly about the President? Think the loyal opposition would be screaming their heads off? Think the new GOP President would have an approval rating of about 1%? I do.

Funny how that’s not happening now. Mr. Obama’s approval rating sits at 60% after he passed the largest spending bill in history. Magazines and newspapers still celebrate the majesty of Mr. Obama and the First Lady. Mr. Obama feels so confident in his abilities that he’s working to nationalize health care.

Sometimes I think I’m living a nightmare. When I hear the words “President Obama” I still have a feeling of unreality about it. 52% of the people voted for a Socialist, the most liberal member of the Senate (Mr. Obama had a higher liberal rating than even avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders), during a recession. That man is now following his Alinskyite training to talk down the market and worsen the crisis to prepare the people for change. He has said he intends to bankrupt the coal industry. He has created a deficit that future generations will curse us for. His own Treasury Secretary is on the warpath against one of the few profitable businesses left. And a new spending bill and crippling taxes and fees on the productive are coming.

And that’s just his economic policies. We haven’t even gotten to the muzzling of free speech, the assault on the 2nd Amendment, the weakness and contempt on defense, and the stripping away of protections for the unborn and those whose consciences are repelled by abortion.

No Reagan without a Carter.

No Giuliani/Cantor without an Obama, I suppose. I just hope there’s a shell of a Republic left when the grownups take back the reins in 2013.

Gonna be a long four years. Prepare yourself–save cash, put aside supplies, be healthy.

And to the wealthy, the people who make this economy work: If I may paraphrase Francisco D’Anconia–


Don’t let them loot from you. Get out–find somewhere free, while you may. We in America will be here to be the engine of the world once we wake up and throw off our enchantment with Socialism.


3 Responses to “3000 Points”

  1. jncarr said

    Two words, Political Capital. Obama is spending it faster than he is spending American Dollars. That 60% approval rating will start dropping as soon as the unemployment numbers hit tomorrow. Then when he tries to hit another target and misses, look out below.

    I’m with you brother, these are scary times. Cling to your God and guns.

  2. A. Nonymous said

    Ah yes, because the Dow is the end-all-be-all indicator of the economy. Further, the 5000+ points Dow dropped in the last few months of Bush didn’t really mean anything. And of course, everything was hunky-dory when Obama walked in the door – the markets and the whole economy was waiting for him to get his foot in the door (And Obama was really running the country on the day after election, not on January 20th, no matter what the pesky Constitution says) to tank. Bush obviously has nothing to do with this crisis.

  3. John Galt said

    Thank you for commenting, Mr./Ms. Nonymous. Could you recommend some other indicators of the economy that suggest improvement? Jobless numbers? Foreclosures? Deficit levels?

    Furthermore, how much longer does the new President intend to blame the previous President for all of his troubles? When, rationally, would you say that he takes responsibility for what occurs on his watch? I don’t recall President Bush whining like a little girl when he inherited the results of the dot-com bubble from Bill Clinton.

    Also, would you like to detail which of President Bush’s policies led to this crisis? If you’d care to go that route, we can discuss how he and Congressional Republicans tried, years ago, to head off the disasters that were Fredde Mac and Fannie Mae, only to be shot down by Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, and all the others who benefited from those Socialist boondoggles.

    Finally, when we’re done looking at the past, perhaps you’d like to discuss how crippling spending bills and the growth of government are going to reverse the troubles we’re seeing now.

    Thanks for posting.

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