Thoughts on “The Gray Man”

February 10, 2009

Over at Survival Blog, there was a recent discussion on the concept of “The Gray Man.” A reader wrote in about  hypothetical man living in a tyrannical society. He gives every outward appearance of going along with what’s going in society, while in private he was, within the confines of the law, resisting the system.

The responses varied between armchair commandos who condemned the idea to folks who agreed. I come down in the middle. To start, our country is not yet tyrannical, and we all have an obligation to ensure within the law that no person or party is ever allowed to usurp this country’s fundamental liberties. On the other hand, I agree with those posters who noted that the original “gray man” went too far in blending in by buying a pro-government bumper sticker and never letting his friends or co-workers know he disapproved of what was going on. Again, here’s the balance. I don’t believe Mr. Obama has yet shown signs of outright tyranny, but at the same time, we all remember what he and his followers in the media did to Joe the Plumber when he dared to ask a question (for those who don’t remember, scores of negative articles were written about him and his personal files were illegally accesseed by various government functionaries).  Today, when Mr. Obama spoke in Elkhart, Indiana, he made those who would ask questions say their names, and a woman who asked about Geithner’s and Daschle’s tax-dodging ways was soundly booed by the audience. It will be interesting to see in the next couple of days what repercussions befall her. With that history, I would never publicly and openly ask a question of Mr. Obama, but I would never sport a bumper sticker for him or let family and friends think I thought that sort of behavior is right.

There’s a place for being “gray,” but it has to be balanced with speaking out to friends and family who might still be convinced. No one who believes in liberty and individualism should feel like they are alone.


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