Farewell, Mr. President

January 16, 2009

You overcame the recession that began your presidency, in spite of the upheaval caused by the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil, and gave us tax cuts and 5 years of prosperity. The greed and banking irregularities that have caused the current horror are not of your making.

You liberated 50 million people in two nations, and brought Saddam Hussein to justice.

You have relentlessly pursued those who sent the terrorists. There’s not been another large-scale terrorist attack on the US in 7 years.

You selected two young Supreme Court justices who will protect and defend our rights for decades to come. You have been a good defender of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and of the sanctity of human life.

You have been a staunch defender of Israel.

Finally, you have been a truly class act, showing the humor and graciousness that those who hate you so seriously lack.

You should have attacked Saudi Arabia, and the Socialism you have brought upon us is unbearable and only going to get worse once the professional Socialists take over, but you are an honorable, patriotic man who has served his country well. Enjoy your retirement. The closer it gets to the end of your Presidency, the more my dread of the future grows.

Still, in many ways you had limitations–you had neither the oratorial gifts of Reagan or his quick wit and deep insight. You grew beyond those limitations, and history will judge you far more fairly than the present does. Hopefully the incoming president will grow into the role as you did. Our country’s future depends on it.


One Response to “Farewell, Mr. President”

  1. Andrew M said

    Well said, and a good summation of my views.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog since I started reading a couple months ago, so figured I’d drop a note commending you on your writings. Keep it up!

    PS: I miss the Ozarks, and will have to take one of those nice vacations you were contemplating.

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