Busy busy

January 15, 2009

Been crazy busy since the beginning of the year. It occurred to me that if I really BELIEVED all the things I’ve said about things getting really bad under the Obama Administration, I’d ACT like it: save up the precious metals, save money, improve my fitness. Well, I really DO believe it, so it’s time to put up. It’s been tricky, because this year’s raise is a huge temptation to overspend, but I need to view that as a gift to save up for the bad future than indulge in the present. Been working out as hard as I can, and have foolishly signed up for a backpacking trip, in a wilderness area, in February.

Complication: I’ve found a piece of land that would make a nifty Gulch. Can I save up a 20% down payment without running down my rainy day savings? If I can’t, it’s a no can do, but I’d love to be able to swing it.

Won’t be able to take off the day of the Inauguration. So, the tricky thing will be to miss out on the adulation, although I’m morbidly curious how the millions-of-people-limited-numbers-of-Porta-Potties thing will turn out. The Obama voters have a right to it–Lord knows I’ll be celebrating when we get another Reagan into the White House. Mr. Obama has a right to it. I hope he ends up being a good President. Trust, but verify. Still, the adoration of the media for the man is simply too much for me. People were excited about Clinton in 92–I know, I was one of them (first Presidential vote, ever!), but there simply cannot have been this sort of hero-worship, for one so untested, in history. Perhaps he will live up to it.

Watching “American Psycho” on IFC. Messed-up film, but Christian Bale is extraordinary in it. I want the soundtrack.

Dow is at 8200. That’s down 1425 points since Mr. Obama’s election, or 15%. Back before election day I predicted it would lose 2000 points between Mr. Obama’s election and inauguration. We’ll have to see if that happens.


One Response to “Busy busy”

  1. Bonnie said

    Good Lord, Christian Bale is fun to look at. Well, maybe not in American Psycho…but all other times. 🙂

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