I am Iron Man

January 3, 2009

I’ve been watching Iron Man a LOT lately, especially for its awesome use of the Suicidal Tendencies song Institutionalized.

That’s caused me to think–wouldn’t Robert Downey, Jr., be an amazing choice for Francisco d’Anconia in the movie version of Atlas Shrugged? Awesome. I know they have Angelina Jolie attached to role of Dagny Taggart, but I hate the idea. That role needs someone strong, sexy, and dedicated to the idea–I’m not convinced that’s the case with her.

From there to politics. In Minnesota, it looks like Al Franken will manage to steal the election. In Illinois, Rod Blagojevich nominated his guy for the Senate seat he was trying to sell earlier. In New York, the governor is fixing to nominate a woman with no experience but her name to be a Senator. That’s one fine democrat lineup there. It’s almost like they don’t like it when people work hard and work their way up the system. However, if the barely articulate Caroline “You Know, Uh” Kennedy is named Senator, I don’t want to hear from any liberal ever again about how stupid and unqualified Sarah Palin was. Never again.

16 days to the Bolsheviks taking the Winter Palace…


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