January 1, 2009

January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

After being sick for one month (!) with pneumonia, I’m back to normal (well, as normal as I get). And here it is, a New Year. In 18 days, the Bolsheviks will take the Winter Palace Democrats will take over two of the three branches of government. I was driving around today listening to Hannity, who’s a bit of an ass, and he now begins every hour with the phrase “Conservatism in exile.” Please. Conservatism has been in exile since 1988. Shoot, Republicanism has been in exile since President Bush’s second term. I’m torn. He liberated 50 million people, which is wonderful, and then for the past 8 months he’s begun enslaving 300 million of us Americans with Socialism. I wish I thought this would get better under the Community Organizer, but I have my doubts.

So, we’ll see. I don’t suspect the economy will get better in 2009, but that’s nothing I can control. I’ve decided not to go on an expensive vacation for the Coronation Inauguration. Hard times aren’t going to end this year, and I want to make sure I maintain and build my emergency fund. I paid cash for Christmas presents, then cash for personal property tax, then cash for some purchases I had to make before Mr. Obama rolls back our 2nd Amendment rights, and that doesn’t leave room for luxuries right now, even with ovetime and bonuses. I may take the backpack out and head for the woods instead. If I stay in town, I’m not watching the Inauguration. There’s only so much adulation I can take. 

It’s good to see the end of 2008. Who knew on January 1, 2oo8, how bad things could get? It’s not just the economy. I had two dear friends have to deal with serious health issues in their families. Their strength has been an inspiration. On the other hand, I had another friend start an amazing new family. That’s required another level of strength, and I am so privileged to have friends like that. Personally, things went well for me–I got out of credit card debt, started paying extra on the car and building an emergency fund, and started investing in silver (too broke for gold). My postfolio’s down 40%, just like everyone else’s, but I don’t retire for at least 30 years, and I’m getting lots of shares now, so that’s something. We’ll have to see if my taxes get raised, but it was personally a good year.


  • Pay off car in 2009
  • Start Step 3 of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps
  • Invest in more silver, or gold if personal finances allow

Finished reading “Atlas Shrugged” during my overtime. It’s an extraordinary book–the story is broadly written, but that’s because it’s more a vehicle for getting the philosophy down than literature in its own right. No one could live perfect Objectivism, any more than one can practice any other sort of philosophy in a 100% pure manner, but it’s an undeniably beautiful worldview–love of America, love of capitalism, love of things that have true value (like gold) and quality, love of hard work and success, love of precise language, contempt for Socialism. I disagree with Rand’s contempt for religion, but after reading of her life, that seems to be an offshoot of her upbringing and background rather than something that’s inherent in Objectivism. It’s a shame she taught this in 1957, and here 52 years later we’re going to have to learn it again.

Oh yeah, remember how in my earlier post about my SKS, I said I’d upload pictures if I got a digital camera? Let it not be said that John Galt doesn’t keep promises. Here is Tula Arsenal 1952 Commie Gun (I’m including pictures of this one because it’s known I have it–any other boomsticks I may or may not have are between me and the late Charlton Heston 🙂  ). Don’t know if it’ll be banned when Mr. Obama reinstates the “Assault Weapon” ban–if it ends up being illegal, I’ll have the very nifty bayonet removed to make it legal. We should all look so good when we’re 57 years old.


Vital stats: Dow ends 2008 at 8776 points–down 852 points since Mr. Obama was elected. Gas $1.26 a gallon (!); silver $11.05 an ounce.


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