Unclean! Unclean!

December 20, 2008

Remember that thing I said about karma?


John Galt has pneumonia or whooping cough. Life In Galt’s Gulch to be continued when I feel better. Stories, I got stories.

How ’bout that Blago? 😉


Remember how I said yesterday I wasn’t sure I could justify the luxury or expense of a vacation over Inauguration Day?

Today I found out I’m working 28 hours of overtime in the next week. Well, that’s that. Three days of fine bourbon, enjoying a well-stoked fireplace, and no tv coverage of Mr. Obama’s inaugural.

It’s a little alarming to me how often that happens. When I was in the running for the job I currently have, I didn’t have enough money for a suit and an attache case for the interview. I was at a casino with a friend, put $10 into a slot…and won $600, enough for a suit and an attache case.

I am grateful for my good fortune. I don’t know if it’s God, or luck, or kismet, or serendipity, or karma, but these sorts of things happen more often than I deserve. It’s awesome, I just hope I’m not overdrawn in some karmic bank somewhere and will get hit by a bus when I’m 40.

Vital stats: silver $9.56 an ounce; gas $1.59 a gallon, Dow up 270 to 8419.

I’m toying with the idea of taking a vacation over Mr. Obama’s inauguration. One, it’s close to my birthday, and two, for the first time I just don’t want to watch. Thinking about going here, hiking, drinking a lot of bourbon in front of the fireplace, and watching the Meramec River flow by. Right this second, heading into hard times, I have a hard time justifying the luxury and expense, especially when I should be saving up for a Gulch of my own, but we’ll see, especially if I get a bonus this Christmas.

Mr. Obama spent part of today picking his cabinet. It’s true, Clinton’s in as SecState (and, horrors, the Clenis may get his wife’s New York Senate seat). There was a moment of comedy in the press conference today when a reporter asked him about him saying during the campaign that Clinton was unqualified (which, coming from Mr. Obama, is comedic in itself). I suspect these two will give right wingers a cause to smile in the coming years. Gates as SecDef looked distinctly uncomfortable, but he’s an honorable man and probably wants to see the troops home with honor and whatever semblance of victory Mr. Obama will allow them. Apparently they’ve decided to bring Vice President-Elect Biden out from whatever undisclosed location he was in, too, which is nice for the holidays.

Susan Rice as cabinet-level representative to the UN is probably the most horrifying choice Mr. Obama’s made so far, but maybe she can’t do a lot of damage in that spot. Apparently, she was one of the State Department wonks who stopped the plan for Sudan to turn bin Laden over to the US. I am uncomfortable with UN delegate being a cabinet-level position, but it DOES make it obvious where Mr. Obama stands, so that’s something. I see nothing to indicate that Governor Napolitano is qualified to be head of the Department of Homeland Security, but she may surprise. I’m withholding judgment on Holder.

It snowed last night–accumulated just a bit on the grass. That’s pretty unusual for St. Louis for December 2. It also happened immediately after I dropped a bundle getting my car detailed. Grrrr. The alignment of the moon, Venus, and Jupiter today was pretty nifty.

Vital stats: Dow down 680 to 8149 (down 1479 points since Mr. Obama was elected), gas $1.59 a gallon; silver down $.90 to $9.36 an ounce (yeek). The folks responsible for such things noted today that we’ve been in a recession since December 2007.

*Slept in today and have been watching a ton of Planet of the Apes on FX. Oh, Charlton, why did you leave us?

Had a good visit with the folks Wednesday through Saturday. Got back yesterday afternoon, and don’t feel like going to work tomorrow, but I suspect I’ll live.

Got up at 4:30 on Friday to pick up one of Wal-Mart’s loss leaders–a portable DVD player for $49. This was in a rural area, and yet the entire parking lot was full at 5 am, every spot. To quote Charlton above, it WAS a madhouse–there wasn’t the happy energy of people out for a bargain, but a sort of frenzied impulse. Of course, in New York, Wal-Mart crowds trampled an employee to death as he tried to open the door. I got my bargain, but it was a close thing, and there were a lot of bad vibes in the store. I went out later in the afternoon, and none of the shops were unusually busy. I suspect the sales reports for Friday will end up being good, but they will be based on those early morning loss leaders, which don’t bring in a lot of profit. This is going to be a hard Christmas season. 

Overseas markets aren’t looking so hot right now.

Probably has something to do with the fact that the jihadi savages attacked Mumbai last week, torturing and killing hundreds of innocent people. They were specifically looking for Britons and Americans, and also attacked a Jewish community center. They almost certainly came from Pakistan, which will lead to increased tensions between two nuclear-armed states in South Asia.

It’s times like this that really make me proud that we decided to elect a man with 142 days of Senate experience to be leader of the free world. What could possibly go wrong?