It’s Here–Victory In Iraq Day

November 22, 2008


As noted in a previous post, November 22, 2008 is Victory in Iraq Day. It’s a day to remember the awesome achievements of the coalition forces, and American troops in particular.

  • Enforcing the UN resolutions
  • Bringing Saddam Hussein and his henchman to justice
  • Ending Iraq’s chemical, biological, and nuclear programs
  • Sending untold jihadis to their virgins
  • Creating a space within which free elections were held and a representative government installed
  • Helping Sunni, Shia, and Kurd to being the long process of national reconciliation that would never have been possible under the Hussein regime

This victory was at the cost of thousands of American and coalition lives and injuries and tens of thousands of innocents murdered by al Qaeda terrorists. On this day, we honor and remember those losses. We stand with the Iraqi bloggers and others in that country trying to find a new way. We look forward in hope for our Iraqi allies. We celebrate victory–our own and that of the Iraqi people. God bless our brave troops, their families, and the people of Iraq on this great day.


Just got done having a snack of that bread I was talking about yesterday with a little butter and jam. Good. I used whole wheat for all of the flour so it was the very definition of dense, but satisfying. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. I’ve actually never made the recipe with regular all-purpose flour; I’ll try that next week and see if it gains a little height, but it’s still a great artisanal type bread…real food.

Currently 25 degrees. If I ever meet Al Gore, I intend to kick him in the butt.

Olbermann and Kos and a variety of bed-wetting liberals are making a big deal of an interview with Alaska governor Sarah Palin where one can see a worker slaughtering Thanksgiving turkeys in the background.

Here’s the thing. Many Americans celebrate a thing called Thanksgiving, and in this celebration, the main course is usually a turkey. This turkey is DEAD when you eat it. Before it gets to the table, it is killed, beheaded, bled, gutted, and plucked. Its wing tips are cut off, as are its feet.

Turkeys are tasty, as are most animals, and the worker was doing his job with great attention. I find that more humane than a factory farming operation. It never hurts for those of us who eat meat to be confronted with our decision, but it’s pathetic to use that to score political points or to be hypocritical about it. OMG! Sarah Palin was nearby while turkeys were being “executed” (a term actually used in a Kos post). Sarah Palin also hunts. She knows the humility of being responsible for an animal’s life and its passing. She knows what the food on the plate MEANS.

This is where certain liberal arguments backfire. Sarah Palin is apparently a hick and a monster for being a sportswoman and for being in the vicinity when livestock were slaughtered for food for people. But who is the one who is hiding from reality? The person who knows how to feed her family and what it takes, or the besuited tv announcer or blogger who recoils in horror from the precursor to Thanksgiving dinner?

One should approach the taking of an animal’s life with humility, but they are here to play their part in life, and we are to be stewards of them, providing for them in life, and treating them humbly and humanely in death. Somehow, I suspect Governor Palin understands that deep lesson better than Keith Olbermann. 

Vital stats:Gas $1.60 a gallon; Dow up 494 to 8046 (apparently they liked Obama’s choice of Treasury Secretary or now); silver up to $9.51 an ounce.


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