John Galt to al Qaeda: Bite Me

November 20, 2008

al Qaeda #2 (perhaps #1 since I suspect bin Laden’s been taking the dirt nap since Tora Bora) Ayman al Zawahiri has put out a tape calling Mr. Obama a house negro.

I, and other American bloggers, have every right to dissent against Mr. Obama’s policies. We’re Americans, we voted, we have the First Amendment. However, very few of us will put up with scrofulous disease-raddled cave-dwelling racist terrorist scumbags insulting the President-elect. Be brave, Zawahiri–come out and talk your smack to an American Marine. 72 virgins await, and that rug-banging callus on your forehead would make an awesome target. It’s insulting to me and to the American people to hear a Muslim terrorist–a person in whose language the word “black” also means “slave”–lecture Americans on racial policy. Come back when the Janjaweed Arab Muslims stop murdering black African Muslims in Darfur. Come back when it’s been more than 50 years since Saudi Arabia outlawed slavery. 

That’s a funny English translation, too–one doesn’t expect a raddled old monster like al Zawahiri to know about Malcolm X and his term “house Negro.” Looks like bloated American terrorist Adam Gadahn may still be alive and instructing al Qaeda on PR. Too bad. Oh well, evey day they’re alive brings the one day closer to death by Hellfire missile. Having these two reduced to a pink mist would be the best Christmas present ever.


Saw something neat this weekend. I like to drive through Lone Elk County Park near Valley Park, Missouri, every now and then. It’s an old WWII ammo dump that had, in the 1940s, a small elk herd. Soldiers resolved to kill the elk because they were going to be endangered by the munitions anyway, but one lone elk survived. After the war, local school children collected to get a small herd from Yellowstone to keep the lone elk company. So, there’s the elk, and also a small herd of buffalo. Since it’s a county park, there’s no hunting, so one also gets to see deer and turkey.

I was driving off the hill, and at the bottom were two small bucks, but both with at least six points. They were fixing to fight–lots of rubbing of antlers on trees, grunting, and pawing at the ground. I wondered where the doe was, and after looking for a bit, I saw her blended well into a thicket, watching what the result of the fight would be. I watched for about 5 minutes, and then cars were piling up behind me and I had to leave. They hadn’t fought by then, but it was an extraordinary thing to watch. I talked about it to some of my buddies at work who hunt, and they were totally jealous–it’s just not something you get to witness very often.

Disaster preparedness tip of the day: Do you like to garden? Even if you don’t, it’s an inexpensive preparation to buy some open-pollinated seeds. The economy has been on a rocket sled to hell for over a year, and there’s no good evidence that things will be all unicorns and sunshine next spring. Growing your own food, even a little of it, saves money and is healthy and good for the environment. I like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds because of their great customer service and because, since they’re in Missouri, a lot of their seeds are suitable for this climate. Open-pollinated seeds means you can save the seeds from your produce for future years, and they will still breed true. Hybrid seeds (pretty much anything you buy at a store) are designed for big yields and better disease and pest resistance, but if you save the seeds and plant them the next year, your crop won’t look much like the previous crop. You can either buy a few envelopes of the stuff you like, or Baker Creek offers “collections” that include scores or hundreds of seed packets. Baker Creek also sends free bonus seeds with every order; as Forrest Gump says, you never know what you’re going to get. Keep them dry and cool and dark, and at least SOME of them will still sprout after years. Read up on storing seeds.

Vital stats: Dow down 427 points to 7997 (down 1631 points since Mr. Obama’s election); silver down $0.27 to $9.32 an ounce; gas $1.76 a gallon.


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