Home Sweet Home

November 15, 2008

Nice to be back. Flew back to St. Louis last night, went to work this morning, then came back and passed out for a bit. Got my paycheck today so I paid my voluminous bills and now I’m kicked back watching Dave Ramsey. Rainy and cool, but what the hell, it’s November.

Earlier this week I went to the sheriff’s office to do the concealed carry thing–it’s no ordeal, but do have all of your documentation ready.

Flight yesterday had a layover in Chicago. Now, I despise Illinois politics, but I love Chicago. Yes, it’s Obama’s chosen home–imagine that, an ambitious democrat politician choosing to start out in Chicago–but he’s not from there, it didn’t form him. Chicago is my favorite city in the country. As you approach O’Hare, heading north over Lake Michigan, you look to the west and see the awesome concrete canyons of downtown Chicago–the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Building, Soldier Field, the Navy Pier. I love nature, but if anything I’m even more moved by these achievements of people. Massive buildings, well lit and full of action. These buildings are evidence of great thinkers and great do-ers. I don’t think Mr. Obama would know how to change a fluorescent light bulb in any of those great buildings. Chicago is glorious–the massive downtown, surrounded by marvelous, densely populated, livable neighborhoods. The only thing that mars it is to look down and think “That city allows only criminals to carry guns.” Try not to think of it, and move on.

One of the many horrible things about September 11, 2001, in addition to the unbearable loss of life, was the destruction of buildings and planes. Nineteen screaming morons with box-cutters killed 3000 people and destroyed numerous buildings in New York, as well as damaging the Pentagon. These scum, and the stupid ideology they followed, are incapable of building a plane, or a great skyscraper. They knew how to slash, murder, and crash. Contemptible filth. The World Trade Center towers were not beautiful, but the were striking structures that gave the New York skyline a muscular, dynamic appearance. It’s a crime that we’re not replacing them exactly as they were, but replacing them with that odd, willowy, contemplative structure. Terrorists, *spit*. They’re cowards, not worthy of the name human being. I will NEVER forgive, nor forget.

Wow, my cup runneth over. “Lock and Load,” the history of the rifle, is on the History Channel, then “Suspiria” on TCM. Win!

Vital stats: Yesterday: Dow up 52 to 8835; silver up $0.11 to $9.37; gas $1.94 a gallon in the undisclosed location. Today: Dow down 338 to 8497 (down 1131 points since Mr. Obama’s election); silver up $0.13 to $9.50 an ounce; gas $1.82 a gallon–shoot, we’re broke, but we can drive anywhere we want! Big international meeting in DC tomorrow about the economy. Pray they don’t come up with yet more Socialism, but don’t hold your breath while you’re doing it.

Preparedness tip of the day: You’ll note I mention silver prices every day. You should have some precious metals–James Wesley, Rawles, recommends $1000 face value in junk silver, but every little bit helps. Gold is good for holding large amounts of wealth, but it’s hard to divide up in an emergency. Still, if you can afford it, get some. If you are of more modest means, like myself, you can still get into precious metals. First, make sure you’ve got an emergency fund of cash in the house and in the bank. Make sure you have the basics of survival–beans, bullets, and band-aids. After that, with every paycheck, go to your local coin shop and ask about “junk” silver. These are silver coins pre-1965 that don’t have value for collectors, but they are 90% silver. A silver dime is currently “worth” about $0.75, but expect to pay a dollar a piece because they are scarce right now. I expect their value to go up, or I wouldn’t invest in them. They may not, but they’ll always have intrinsic value, unlike paper money, which is only what governments agree it is worth, or the worthless alloy coins circulating today. Try to buy $10 in face value of dimes with each paycheck–you’ll eventually be glad you did.

Rand of the Day (Part Two, Chapter X: “The Sign of the Dollar”)(Kellogg is discussing the dollar sign): Incidentally, do you know where that sign comes from? It stands for the initials of the United States…. Do you know that the United States is the only country in history that has ever used its own monogram as a symbol of depravity? Ask yourself why. Ask yourself how long a country that did that could hope to exist, and whose moral principles have destroyed it. It was the only country in history where wealth was not acquired by looting, but by production, not by force, but by trade, the only country whose money was a symbol of man’s right to his own mind, to his work, to his life, to his happiness, to himself. If this is evil, by the present standards of the world, if this is the reason for damning us, then we–we, the dollar chasers and makers–accept it and choose to be damned by that world. We choose to wear the sign of the dollar on our foreheads, proudly, as our badge of nobility–the badge we are willing to live for and, if need be, to die.


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