Undisclosed Location Blog

November 13, 2008

Per James Lileks, who may be one of the ten most awesome people in the blogosphere, a puzzler: Why do they call those guys the Three Musketeers? Darn it, I’ll be up all night thinking about that.

I seem to consist of nothing but tired this night, and they’re charging for Internet in the undisclosed location, so I’ll make this short. I will say this–even though in the new normal they’ve tried to make flying as unpleasant as possible, it’s still a magical experience. I’m not even that crazy about flying, but I’m amazed by the people who came up with the concept and the folks who make it happen every day. Just don’t make me bail you guys out when you go broke, mmmmkay? 

Vital stats:Dow down 411 to 8283. I was in meetings all day, and came back to the undisclosed location to hear the news. Glad I wasn’t following it all day, as I usually do. For those keeping score at home, the Dow is down 1345 points since Obama’s election. I’m not saying it’s his fault–I amsaying it’s a symptom. In addition to the worldwide economy’s many, many ills, it’s only wise for the wealthy to stay out of the markets until Mr. Obama makes his tax policy intentions clearer. Silver down $0.25 to $9.26 an ounce. Gas? Don’t know–they don’t have gas in the undisclosed location.

I shall return. Be careful out there.


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