Sunday Roundup

November 10, 2008

First off, do you read Kim Du Toit ? You should. He’s retiring from blogging in 3 weeks, but he’s been a treasure for years, with his passion for liberty. It’s guys like him that I really feel bad about when I think about the obscenity that we committed last Tuesday. Mr. Du Toit left apartheid South Africa for liberty in the US. He chose to come here, leaving his homeland, for what we have. We, on the other hand, just chose to piss it away for world popularity–“all the cool kids were voting for Obama.” We’re about to learn the lesson our mothers tried to teach us–“If all the cool kids jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?” Du Toit also knows everything there is to know about guns. His blog is constructed entirely out of Awesome. Read it, and mourn for what we’re about to lose.

If you like the disaster preparedness posts, you might be interested in the blog ofJames Wesley, Rawles. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he gives reasonable advice about preparing for the worst possible scenarios. Take what works for you, and leave the rest.

For fun, there’s FAIL blog, because sometimes life is not full of Win.

Settled in for the evening, watching a documentary on MSNBC (really) about the Jim Jones Jonestown suicide/murders in 1978. I’m fascinated by what happened there. Hearing the news about Jonestown was one of my earliest childhood memories–I also remember the deaths of John Wayne and Elvis–and probably one of the hardest things to make sense of. I find myself wondering if that was one of the things that made me wary of cults of personality. It also makes me wonder what children who grow up with their earliest memories being of 911 will make of it during their adulthoods. I will say this–be wary of putting too much faith in a charismatic man who offers to solve all your problems. Disappointment, at the mildest, will follow.

Went to Illinois to visit a relative today. I have to say, that drive through the highway overpasses of East St. Louis, when you can see the Arch shining in the distance, never fails to please me. I know a lot of folks who live in Illinois, but as Jayne Cobb of Firefly once said, “This place gives me an uncomfortableness.” It’s odd to be separated by only a mile-wide river from a state that places so many restrictions on liberty. 

Plus, I just love Missouri. It’s an awesomely beautiful state. The rivers in the south are crystal clear, spring-fed, and full of fish. The small mountains in the south central are among the oldest in the world, rugged and unspoiled. I could sit and watch the Mississippi for hours and not grow bored. The woods are full of turkey and deer. You can travel an hour from St. Louis in any direction and be in the country. In many parts of the state, you can be in the woods and feel like you’re the only person in the state. You can drive 5 hours from St. Louis and be in Chicago, Memphis, or on your way to Oklahoma City. The personal property tax sucks, meth is a problem, and my great city certainly has its serious issues, but land is widely available and affordable, many people are self-sufficient, and well, it’s home. I hope never to leave.


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