John Galt Takes a Concealed Carry Class

November 9, 2008

Busy day Friday. Apologies to my six readers or so for not posting. 🙂

Busy day today. I took my concealed carry course. Some background for the non-Missourians. A few years ago, Missourians were finally allowed to get permits to carry firearms concealed. To do so, one has to take an 8-hour course on gun safety and the law (this class runs about $100), then pass a test wherein one has to hit a torso-sized target from 7 yards 15 of 20 times (this is hitting the broad side of a barn, essentially–don’t hate me because I’m beautifulI got all 20 shots in the 10-ring), then go apply to the sheriff, pay a fee (up to $100), then get a new Missouri state ID or driver license with the CCW on it.

The class was packed–about 40 people. By the way, this is not an OMGWTFBBQ! panic reaction from bitter clingers responding to the Obama election. I signed up for this class in August and it was almost full then. They’re always full, months ahead of time. Funny thing, people like defending themselves.

What I found interesting, and it showed me just how much of my worldview I get from the media, even though I like to think myself above it, was the demographics of the class. More than 50% African-American. This shouldn’thave surprised me–my city has an African-American majority. Still, all you ever hear from the media is that only inbred white trash yahoos love the 2nd Amendment. I was so gratified to find out that was wrong–I’m sure there’s many things they and I would disagree on politically, but I was thrilled that they were willing to take this step to make themselves safer–again, sacrificing the better part of $250 during a recession to practice this right makes a HUGE statement. At least a quarter of the class was women, and probably 20 percent of the class were over 50. Who is John Galt? Might be the elderly black lady carrying concealed. Might be the middle-aged bartender. Might be you. 

It was a fascinating class, and one I would recommend to anyone, especially those who don’t get the gun thing. It might open some eyes. Carrying concealed is not an action to be taken lightly, and this class and its many legal examples proves that, but if nothing else it makes you question how you would respond in a life-threatening situation.

Got ammo?

Vital stats (from Friday): gas $1.96 a gallon; silver down $0.02 to $9.97 an ounce; Dow up 248 to 8944.


One Response to “John Galt Takes a Concealed Carry Class”

  1. aowenby said

    well done, sir.

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