Change is coming

November 7, 2008

This is a disaster preparedness post. Scroll past if it’s not your thing.

The election of Mr. Obama makes it more likely that Israel will feel it has to strike Iran’s nuclear program before his inauguration. Iran’s nuclear program poses an existential threat to Israel, and Mr. Obama has made it a point to say several times that he favors unconditional talks with Iran. Israel cannot count on America’s protection. An attack is more likely late this month or late next month.

Now, Iran has said if it were attacked, it would respond against the United States. Are you prepared for a terrorist attack? Here are some basics. Have plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal windows and rooms during chemical or biological attack. Have surgical masks and latex or nitrile gloves. Have at least 2 weeks of water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. Have at least 2 weeks of food that doesn’t require cooking. Have extras of medicine, baby supplies, and feminine hygiene supplies. Have a way to use the bathroom for 2 weeks. Have lots of baby wipes for bathing. Know several ways to get home depending on traffic, closures, etc. Tell friends and family where to meet in event of emergency.Have a hand-crank radio. Practice everyday carry–always have a flashlight, multitool, and some bandanas on you. Have a 72-hour “go” bag with all supplies necessary for 3 days of survival in a closet. Keep comfortable shoes by the go bag. Have enough cash for 2 weeks of expenses in your house. Have flashlights, candles, and oil lamps. Practice situational awareness-be aware of dodgy people or items in your surroundings. If you live in a city that does not allow you to protect yourself with a gun, have legal self-defense measures close at hand–bright flashlight, aluminum bat, knife, etc. Keep your gas tank at least half full all the time. Be safe. Be prepared. Be aware.

Vital stats: Dow down 443 to 8696 (you know, it’s almost like the markets don’t like that we just elected a Socialist President); gas $2.00 a gallon; silver down $0.18 to $10.07 an ounce.


2 Responses to “Change is coming”

  1. aowenby said

    May I have your permission to copy this blog onto mine? I think my readers would also benefit.

  2. John Galt said

    Sure, go ahead. Thanks!

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