You can’t stop the signal, Mal

November 5, 2008,%20November%2005,%202008 McCain wins Missouri. So we’ve got that going for us. 🙂 Proposition C passed; look for private utilities to go out of business or move away from Missouri.

Went to visit a friend today who owns a gun store. He said the ammo companies have told him to stop quoting prices from the catalog. That means prices are going up. They will go up before January 20, 2009, because demand is going up for a limited supply. Demand is going up because AFTER January 20, 2009, Mr. Obama will very likely institute the sort of crippling taxes on ammo (up to 500%) that he’s advocated before but never had the power to put into practice. Not to mention that he will almost certainly renew the “assault weapons” ban. What this means for you is that you should make any weapon or ammo purchases for the next four years before January 20, 2009. If it is a legal option in your state, I would suggest paying cash at a gun show. I suggest paying cash for all ammo. Have at least1000 rounds for every firearm, but more IS better. Be sure to stock up on calibers for eeeevil black rifles or evil commie rifles–5.56 or 7.62 x 39. These are the ones that are going to get VERY expensive and scarce. If you’d like something for an investment or barter, buy high-capacity magazines and AR-15 lowers NOW. Sooner is better than later, as far as price increases go.

Vital statistics: Dow down 486 to 9139; gas $2.02 a gallon; silver up $0.28 to $10.45 an ounce.


One Response to “You can’t stop the signal, Mal”

  1. Yup, good thing my wife and I load our own ammo!!!

    Also, thank God Missouri wasn’t seduced by that little Commie SOB!!!


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