Now, morbid and creepifying, I’ve got no problem with*

November 1, 2008

*I’m on a Serenity/Firefly kick, can you tell? Come to think of it, the crew and passengers of Serenity were Gulchers–when the Alliance government became too oppressive, they dropped out and formed their own place.

A good day at the Gulch–worked, handed out candy to the neighborhood kids, and am kicked back watching Poltergeist (scariest PG movie ever). Not a lot of good horror movies on tonight, strangely. TCM is showing The Dunwich Horror at 11, and that’s the second best choice after Poltergeist. It’s bad Lovecraft, but bad Lovecraft is better than no Lovecraft. I may have to dig out Re-Animator instead.

Obama Purge Watch–the Messiah had to make room on O Force One. Who got kicked off the plane? Reporters from the three newspapers that endorsed McCain. Change! They’re worried–the Messiah and his disciples. It’s beginning to not look so good.

Vital stats–gas $2.19 a gallon, silver up $.02 to $9.75 an ounce, Dow up 144 to 9325.

Preparedness tip of the day: Do you have a zombie survival plan? 😉

Other preparedness tip:Do you have an election night plan? Do you know how to extricate yourself from a riot situation? Now would be an excellent time to read up on that. Stay inside on election night. Stay in touch with family and friends. Listen to the radio, watch local tv, monitor walkie-talkie radio bands if you have them. Be prepared for fires and looters. Hell of a thing that it’s come to this, but with that moron Erica Jong talking about blood running in the streets if the Messiah loses, and the Messiah himself saying it’s going to get nasty, well, forwarned is forearmed. As for me, heading to the range tomorrow. 

And, oh yes, vote NO on Missouri Proposition C.


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