Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?*

October 29, 2008

*God rest John Belushi

Nothing is over until we decide it is. I’m in a better mood today. No reason–I didn’t believe the polls then, and I’d be a hypocrite to believe them now. Still, I’m harboring the flame of hope (not “HOPE” like the holy Soviet Realist Obama triptych at the Royale, but the little hope). The Republicans are finally starting to spend their money: I saw the “I am Joe the Plumber” ad and the “Biden: Mark my words” ad last night. I know the theory is the big 72-hour plan to dump all their money this weekend; hopefully it will convince the undecideds that all is not lost. As for me, I’m going to keep fighting. Walked in the door tonight and someone had conveniently left me a “Democrat sample ballot” on my door telling me who and what I should vote for. I suppose the Republicans do this in Republican areas–I’ve never lived in one, so I wouldn’t know–but it shows a pretty low respect for the thinking capacity of the voter. I still need to look up the judges on the ballot to see who needs to be thrown out–the Dems say to keep them all in power, which is already one strike. Heh. 😉

I told my co-workers today that I’m taking next Wednesday off–I intend to be hung over, regardless of who wins. One of them suggested I come into the office for safety’s sake. A lot of people have a bad vibe. I’m not scared; we’ll see how it goes.

National Review arrived today-first one since they asked Christopher Buckley for his resignation. I was gratified to see Mark Steyn back on the back page–he’s a treasure. Things you never expect to see in National Review: an article about Burning Man. Author liked it, too, sort of.

The weird continues apace. One of the radio stations here, the River 101.1 FM, has been running Christmas music 24/7 for the past 2 weeks. I don’t suspect it will stop. Makes me want to jam an icepick in my face when I hear it, though.

Speaking of Christmas (*removes icepick*), I made my list today. 12 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 babies (yay!), and a dog. This year I vow, no credit cards. I expect the bargains to be good, and I ought to be able to swing it, cash-wise. If the economy well and truly goes to hell, it can be apples and string NEXT Christmas. The worst part is that December is personal property tax month–that one always hurts.

Dow up 889 to 9065. Apparently the Fed is meeting tomorrow, and this is the market’s way of saying it wants and expects an interest rate cut. I’m not an economist, and I have no idea if that’s a good or bad idea. We’ll see what happens tomorrow if Bernanke DOESN’T lower the rate. Gas is $2.29 a gallon, and silver is down $.26 to $8.79 an ounce, which strikes me as inexplicable.

Preparedness tip of the day: This one is my hat tip to an interesting conversation at Little Green Footballs today–pick up books. Good books, good history, good literature. See what they’re giving away at the library. Hard copy knowledge, especially knowledge that has stood the test of time, is invaluable.

Vote NO on Missouri Proposition C.


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