Missouri Proposition C roundup

October 26, 2008



One of the donors is General Electric–the largest producer of wind turbines in the country. Another is AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Why are they donating to a cause that has to do with private enterprise?

In a Google search through seven pages of links, I couldn’t find ANYONE on the record against this foolishness.

Allow me to be the first. If these renewable energy sources were efficient, practical, and profitable, private businesses would have picked them up and ran with them. They aren’t. This ballot measure is the state forcing private enterprise to do something that it itself will not do. It is fundamentally unjust.


3 Responses to “Missouri Proposition C roundup”

  1. Linda said

    My comment is regarding the quote “If these renewable energy sources were efficient, practical, and profitable, private businesses would have picked them up and ran with them. They aren’t”
    These renewable energy sources may not be profitable at this time because not enough business are using them. Maybe if more did, the cost and efficiency would improve. This could also force businesses to find even better renewable energy sources which could benefit us all.

  2. James said

    Hopes and dreams don’t power my computer.

    Two things I don’t like are the lack of nuclear as a renewable source (it is, quit fighting it) and that companies can not seek compensation for any extra cost they might have beyond 1%…that’s laughable (reverse price gouging, CA in 2000).

    Also, Columbia Daily Tribune is against it…Oct 23, 2008.

  3. John Galt said

    Thanks, James and Linda.

    I’m not sure that “forcing” private businesses to do things is the best way to improve efficiency and value.

    If some entrepreneur came up with a solar-, wind-, or geothermal-powered engine that did the trick, utilities and people would be beating down their doors. Utilities exist to make profit, like all businesses. They don’t worship fossil fuels, it’s just that they’re so darn efficient. If green energy were efficient enough to be profitable, we’d all be green. The government didn’t have to _mandate_ the use of fossil fuels back in the day–it was a superior fuel, and people used it. I firmly believe a green revolution will come…and it will come from someone who’ll make a FORTUNE on it, and we all will beat down his door to buy it.

    +1 on nuclear.

    FWIW, when I purchase the Gulch, I fully intend to use solar and wind power as much as I can. I like the idea of being self-sufficient. It is what I choose for myself–I cannot mandate it for others.

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