Are you scared yet?

October 25, 2008

Long story short, Barney Frank is calling for a 25% cut in defense spending, a stimulus package that targets people who don’t actually pay any taxes, and tax increases on producers.

Didn’t FDR try this foolishness during a dangerous time and during financial hardship? Didn’t it turn what was merely a Depression in the rest of the world to a Great Depression lasting a decade in the US?

If Senator Obama becomes President and Congressman Frank and his cronies gain more power, they will do to defense what they did to the economy. The DoD won’t cut its most important programs, but it might remove its hand of protection over Europe, Korea, Japan, peacekeeping programs, and the seas. That would set off an international arms race that would be tragic for the world.

Spending cuts, massive spending cuts, are necessary, and some of those will come from Defense under a McCain/Palin Presidency. There’s pork there to be cut. But Frank’s idea of gutting the military and redistributing the wealth that pays for our protection and freedom to people who didn’t earn it fills me with dread.

Does almost half the country truly agree with Frank’s dangerously ignorant Socialism?


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