No Eeyores

October 24, 2008

I like fluffy grey donkeys with bows on their tails as much as anyone, but not the kind who constantly bemoan that the election is over 11 days before it’s held.

Nothing is over until the people say so. Senator Obama backed out of his promise to use public financing in his election campaign. The media won’t call him on this hypocrisy, but a lot of people see through it. He’s raised a prodigious sum of money–$600 million to $1 billion, compared with the $50 million in public funds John McCain and Sarah Palin can use.

Obama has the media in his pocket, unwilling and uninterested in knowing anything about his past, or about the brutal toll his policies will exact on the country. The media does seven times as many negative stories on McCain and Palin as they do on Obama. He has rock superstars doing concerts for him.  He has fully 80% of Hollywood on his side, and essentially gets free publicity weekly against his opponents on Saturday Night Live, the Daily show, and the Colbert Report. He has ACORN and other leftist groups engaging in voter registration fraud for him on a massive scale.

He and his surrogates have intimidated and played the race card against any who disagree with him, and have indulged in the most depraved sexism against Senator Hillary Clinton and now Governor Sarah Palin.

Yet McCain is within the margin of error on most polls. Obama should be ahead by 20 points–a handsome man, a good orator with a telegenic family and a great story, running against an incumbent party during a time of war and financial hardship. Yet he cannot close the deal. Look around you–do you see as many Obama signs as you saw Kerry signs in 2004? Go to rural areas–in my travels in blue-collar areas, I’ve seen numerous examples of landowners having signs for every Democrat candidate from dogcatcher on up–and a McCain for President sign.

Senator Obama has alienated women, gun owners, people of faith, and people who work with their hands for a living (I am Joe the Plumber). His own Vice Presidential candidate has said he will be tested in his first 6 months, and that many people will think his response is wrong. He is profoundly unelectable.

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth on November 4 and 5. Get out and vote. It is the only poll that matters.


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