Chapter IV–The Immovable Movers

October 24, 2008

Atlas Shrugged is a faster read than I’d figured. Had a quote up from Chapter I yesterday and am up to Chapter IV today. Ayn Rand is probably happy she’s dead–she was railing against Socialism 51 years ago, and yet we seem to continue to practice it ever more deeply, hoping that this time it will actually work.

This Day in History (24 October 2008): Polls continue tight. Today’s weird story is of a crazy bitch from Texas who beat herself up and carved a B into her cheek as a hoax–said she was robbed by an Obama supporter who did it to her. I hope they throw the book at her. Hundreds of incidents of petty intimidation on the part of the Obama camp will now be ignored because of one stupid college girl’s hoax. Obama said he did not wish to retract the “spread the wealth around” quote. He is in Hawaii visiting the elderly grandmother who raised him. Prayers for her. Dow down 312 points to 8378 (a number that can’t begin to reflect how roller-coaster screwy the trading day was); silver down $.20 to $9.29 an ounce–odd how the value of gold keeps dropping, yet it’s hard to come by at coin stores.

Rand for the day: Then it was said that large, established railroad sysems were essential to the public welfare; and that the collapse of one of them would be a national catastophe; and that if one such system had happened to sustain a crushing loss in a public-spirited attempt to contribute to international good will, it was entitled to public support to help it survive the blow.

Heh. Apparently they had “too big to fail” back in 1957, too. Rand describes the concept as a sleazy backroom deal in Atlas Shrugs. What would she think of the President, the Fed, and Congress spending vast sums of taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street and help Congress hide its utter culpability in CRA and other legislation that led to the twin monsters of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?

Who is John Galt? Preparedness tip of the day–Cash is king. Keep some in the bank, and some accessible in the house–use fireproof lockboxes and use your ingenuinty to hide them.


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