Chapter 1–The Theme

October 24, 2008

There are 6 billion blogs on the Internet. This is one of them.

Picked up Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” today. I read a little Rand in college–“The Fountainhead” and some of her essays. Objectivism probably can’t be practiced in its purist form, but it sure seems attractive these days when half of the country seems dedicated to the idea of electing an unprepared socialist to the Presidency–a man who is on the record as wanting to extract money from producers and giving it to nonproductive people. Who knows? Maybe it will work this time.

So, here’s this blog’s gimmick–I’m reading “Atlas Shrugged” at the end of the election season, and documenting my thoughts on issues. My version of Galt’s Gulch is near St. Louis, Missouri. Topics of interest will include politics, literature, voter fraud in St. Louis, the economy, pop culture, and anything else I find newsworthy on a given day.

This day in history (23 October 2008): Polls cannot get it right on who’s actually ahead in the Presidential race. My prediction–McCain in a squeaker; he will win Missouri (Rove, that magnificent bastard, is wrong about Missouri). Dow up 172 points to 8691.25; silver $9.49 an ounce (but strangely hard to come by).

Rand for the day: Somewhere on the edge of her mind, under the music, she heard the sound of train wheels. They knocked in an even rhythm, every fourth knock accented, as if stressing a conscious purpose. She could relax, because she could hear the wheels. She listened to the symphony, thinking: This is why the wheels have to be kept going, and this is where they’re going.

Who is John Galt? Preparedness tip of the day–Every paycheck, buy extras of what you normally eat, especially the staples, beans and rice. Store in vermin-proof containers.

On comments. My house, my rules. Comments are open, but I’ll delete any that are profane, obscene, spam, or stupid. Contrary viewpoints expressed rationally are welcome.


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